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What is the meaning of Frost in Hindi?

Meaning of Frost in Hindi is : विसरक

Definition of word Frost

Examples of word Frost

  • He met the poet while an undergraduate at Dartmouth, and Frost quickly adopted him as one of his so-called "boys"--that was the term Frost used for the young men who became his protégées.
  • Martin Frost is a political lifer eager to prolong his engagement in party affairs, which began in 1968, when, as a Georgetown University law student, he volunteered at the headquarters of Hubert Humphrey's presidential campaign.
  • (pp. 55-71); the short chapter on lace by Patricia Frost is also very helpful (161-71).
  • Emma Frost is trying to find him when she discovers a huge mutant power.
  • Her husband John, the grandson of famous American illustrator A.B. Frost, is an artist and photographer, specializing in later life in colour aerial images of western Mexico, particularly of the rapidly developing coastal areas of the states of Colima and Jalisco.
  • Second, the author is Martin Frost, former Democrat congressman ..
  • Rep. Martin Frost, a Texas Democrat, said at the time.
  • I cried when David Frost gave Dicky those shoes outside his impoverished 37 bedroomed shack by the Pacific Ocean in Frost/Nixon, and quite frankly I am crying a tear for you now.
  • * Counter-intuitive take of the day: Former DCCC chair Martin Frost says Obama needs to forget about young voters (who don't vote in midterms anyway) and focus on limiting losses among seniors by hammering the GOP on Social Security.
  • It seems that Frost is saying that only in retrospect do we assign a signficance to the choice, and that we might be tempted to make up a rationalization for a life-altering decision where really there was none.