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What is the meaning of Forgive in Hindi?

Meaning of Forgive in Hindi is : मुक्ति देना

Definition of word Forgive

Examples of word Forgive

  • One day -- Christmas Eve it was -- Mr. Cradock, on coming into the church to look at the holly wreaths, found Trevor kneeling on his father's gravestone in the pavement, sobbing as if his heart was breaking, and heard between the sobs a broken prayer about "Forgive" -- "don't let them do it" -- "turn mother's heart."
  • Armstrong's first episode, titled "Forgive Us Our Trespasses," is slated to air Aug. 8.
  • Leona Lewis come with a brand new single titled Forgive Me and also with its video.
  • Except to say, "Forgive," and, "Please be patient," and, "Truly my heart and mind are in the right place."
  • "Forgive," -- said the dying archbishop Usher, -- "forgive all my sins, especially my sins of omission."


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