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What is the meaning of Fore in Hindi?

Meaning of Fore in Hindi is : सामने

Definition of word Fore

  • A people of Papua New Guinea. (proper-noun)
  • Their language. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Fore

  • That hill to the nor'ard they calls the Fore-mast Hill; there are three hills in a row running south'ard -- fore, main, and mizzen, sir.
  • They allowed and even encouraged the formation at Frankfort of a provisional Parliament, called the Fore-Parliament, which looked toward a permanent central
  • Of the most important shops in the length of thoroughfare known as Fore
  • These three districts have been named by the sailors after the English sea terms Fore-top, Main-top, and
  • The one that they mentioned was a move called Fore! using the golf club - you basically line up like a normal golf shot and swing your club at them.


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