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What is the meaning of Force in Hindi?

Meaning of Force in Hindi is : सैन्यदल

Definition of word Force

  • Falls. used in place names. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Force

  • Another benefit to using magnetic force over gravitational Force is that we can control magnetic fieldsquite well but we are sorely lacking in the knowledge of controlling gravitational ones except for the type where we cast off mass and that's a one time deal.
  • Israeli officials theorized that the attack could have been in retaliation for Monday's assassination by Israeli forces of Masoud Ayad, 54, a commander of Yasir Arafat's elite Force 17 security force in Gaza in what Barak hailed as a "preventive operation."
  • (You know, peace is not one sided action, it has to be done by both sides, and actions HAVE to be done by both sides, as I will never accept your existence if you don't accept mine, and I repeat, peace can't be won by force, because Force is not eternal for one side or the other).
  • The philosophic explanation, therefore, of the Centrifugal Force, is that Force which flows from a centre, and _which is the exact opposite and counterpart of the Centripetal Force_.
  • There needs therefore a force, not an imagined one, simply conceived to fill a want, but a real Force, as real and as plainly to be understood as the


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