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What is the meaning of Fm in Hindi?

Meaning of Fm in Hindi is :

Definition of word Fm

  • The symbol for femtometer or femtometre, a unit of length. The name fermi for this unit is obsolete. (noun)
    फीमेटोमीटर या फीमेलमीटर के लिए प्रतीक, लंबाई की एक इकाई। इस इकाई के लिए फर्मी नाम अप्रचलित है।

Examples of word Fm

  • QuickTime trailers are lined up on a virtual shelf, while Last. fm is presented as a simple widget to type your favourite artists into.
  • Ping. fm is a site that aims to make the dissemination of information easier.
  • The latter seems like a move to appease the record labels, but taken together, it looks like Last. fm is trying to develop a post-advertising business model.
  • Last. fm is paying royalties to unsigned bands that put music on its site ...
  • Last. fm is a great tool for people listening to music on their computers, but what about portable players?
  • Ping. fm is a utility that lets you update all your social networks at the same time via mobile phone, email or plugin applications.
  • Overall, I think for most people Last. fm is a great site for music – but for me and the way I like to listen to music, I prefer FineTune.
  • Last. fm is a social recommender, looking for what other people who like that artist listen to, and Pandora recommends based on musical attributes, the ‘genes’ of an artist catalogued in their Musical Genome Project.
  • Last. fm is a social recommender, looking for what other people [...]
  • The best feature about last. fm is that when a user is logged in it keeps track of the songs listened to, formulates recomendations, users with similar tastes, gives you list of upcoming shows in your area, allows you to edit information on artist profiles to add information, and has downloadable sprogglers for either itunes or windows media player or real player that will submit the tracks you listen to off of your computer or ipod and from that and the tracks you listen to on its site will keep a running log of weekly top artists, and overall top artists, tracks, and such.