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What is the meaning of Fleet in Hindi?

Meaning of Fleet in Hindi is : शीघ्रगामी

Definition of word Fleet

  • The stream that ran where Fleet Street now runs. (proper noun)
    वह धारा जहां फ्लीट स्ट्रीट अब चलती है।

Examples of word Fleet

  • The Pegasus crew identified a Cylon fleet ahead of them behaving in an erratic manner, which eventually led to them discovering the Galactica and the rest of the Fleet.
  • A typical fleet engagement situation lasts between 3 and 10 minutes ... then one side gains an advantage and the Fleet commander of the other side orders a withdrawal.
  • The dashing young frigate captain, the man who in middle age was nothing loth to give chase single-handed in his seventy-four to a whole fleet, the man of enterprise and consummate judgment, the old Admiral of the Fleet, the good and trusted servant of his country under two kings and a queen, had felt correctly Nelson's influence, and expressed himself with precision out of the fulness of his seaman's heart.
  • Departure of the fleet from Plymouth, 313; stay at Cork, and Boyle's hospitality, 314-5; panic at Lancerota, 315; secession of Captain Bayley; the Lady of Gomera, 316; sickness in the Fleet, _ibid.
  • "The move to a major fleet concentration area allows the MCM ships the opportunity to conduct integrated training with other Fleet forces and inject a more realistic MIW component to integrated Fleet training.
  • Tagged with the name "Fleet Foxes Sing … ", it perfectly evoked the rustic sound of getting back to nature in the Glastonbury VIP area that saw the Seattle band become a household name.
  • CNN's Allan Chernoff is there for what they call Fleet Week -- hello, Allan.
  • But men in Fleet Street or Italy who send other men out to censor women's dress code – "they won't need to carry out checks close up" – are both asking for trouble and taking a small, incompetent step back towards the Taliban-esque habits of mind and action that western society has shed only recently and with difficulty.
  • Here's the original Federation Fleet from the back lot of MGM studios, before that Roddenberry guy got his hands on it and sold out to Desilu.
  • What would be a given, based on knowledge and the Japanese high commands already decided courses of action would be the attack and hopeful destruction of the Fleet from the US in transit.