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What is the meaning of Fistula in Hindi?

Meaning of Fistula in Hindi is : नासूर
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Definition of word Fistula

  • An abnormal duct or passage resulting from injury, disease, or a congenital disorder that connects an abscess, cavity, or hollow organ to the body surface or to another hollow organ. (noun)

Examples of word Fistula

  • The risk for fistula is compounded among young women who are married and give birth in their teens - in Niger, half of all girls are married by age 15.
  • Doctors here specialize in fistula operation and women travel here from far and wide for a cure.
  • _ -- The word fistula is applied to any ulcerous lesion upon the external surface of the body which is connected by ducts, or passages, with some internal cavity.
  • The word "fistula" - Latin for reed or pipe - is generally used to describe an abnormal opening or sinus that can cause such atrocities as a rectum connected to the bladder or to the urethra or to the vagina.
  • She has what is called a fistula: now all her urine and feces leak in a long incontinent streak from her vagina.

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