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What is the meaning of Few in Hindi?

Meaning of Few in Hindi is : दो चार

Definition of word Few

  • The pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain (proper noun)
    ब्रिटेन की लड़ाई में लड़ने वाले पायलट

Examples of word Few

  • Few escaped of those that set themselves with the king: or according to the fuller text: ‘Few escaped of those that alighted down on the sand by the side of the king their lord.
  • Few from the "endowed rights" side are saying that a 100-year-old with an inoperable brain tumor should be given extraordinary and expensive care to keep the heart pumping, even after brain waves have gone flat.
  • And as long as Few is the coach, the Bulldogs should have a strong program.
  • Theo Spark at The Last of The Few is clearly losing it.
  • Few is not none, of course, and those who are anaphylactic to dairy should be very cautious.
  • The U.S. Troops [Chosin Few, etc.] rather ably repelled numerous “human wave” attacks by the Communist Chinese for years in Korea before the UN ‘POLICE ACTION’ was called off.
  • Joining us were 7 Medal of Honor recipients, numerous former POWs, Chosin Few survivors, 40 members of the Army