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What is the meaning of Fate in Hindi?

Meaning of Fate in Hindi is : भाग्य
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Definition of word Fate

  • The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events. (noun)
  • The inevitable events predestined by this force. (noun)
  • A final result or consequence; an outcome. (noun)
  • Unfavorable destiny; doom. (noun)
  • Greek & Roman Mythology The three goddesses, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who control human destiny. Used with the. (noun)

Examples of word Fate

  • DRAG ME TO HELL (May 29), a loan officer suffers the title fate after evicting an old woman; Alison Lohman and Justin Long star.
  • Freeman creates a world where asking about your fate is almost like going out for a beer and accepting the answer you get is the most logical thing to do.
  • To see the memorable characters of Star Trek, Galactica, and Aliens suffer this fate is an atrocity.
  • Through the body of the story, we will see how his fate is achieved.
  • It the indoctrination at a young age to accept her fate is the abuse I'm referring to, a point you keep avoiding. for the last time, is that indoctrination wrong or not?

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