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What is the meaning of Factitious in Hindi?

Meaning of Factitious in Hindi is : प्रचलित

Definition of word Factitious

Examples of word Factitious

  • The court heard Hayden-Johnson suffers from a condition called Factitious Disorder by Proxy which led her to draw attention to herself.
  • The piece debuted in a group show that opened last Friday, 23 June 2006, called "Factitious" at Brooklyn's
  • In 1766, he published a paper titled Three Papers containing Experiments on Factitious Airs in which he identified what he called "inflammable air" (later termed hydrogen by Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier) and "fixed air" (or carbon dioxide) as substances that should be distinguised from air.
  • Factitious thirst, which is specific to the human race, comes from that innate instinct which leads us to seek in drinks a force not put there by nature, and which comes about only through fermentation.
  • Factitious merit has a way of asking questions and saying little; and understands the art of putting others forward to save the necessity of posing before them; then, with a happy knack of its own, it draws and attaches others by the thread of the ruling passion of self-interest, keeping men of far greater abilities to play like puppets, and despising those whom it has brought down to its own level.

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