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What is the meaning of FT in Hindi?

Meaning of FT in Hindi is :

Definition of word FT

  • Foot, a unit of length. (abbreviation)

Examples of word FT

  • Wingspan: 114 ft 0 in (34.76 m) Height: 23 ft 10 in (7.27 m) Wing area: 1875 ft² (174.3 m²)
  • Swell size: Starts working at 6-8 ft and holds up to 12 ft+
  • It it required tbat ft fall account of the procett employed, with t niiii uIm of its being racceeifiillx carried into effect, to be prodnced to tiK Society on or ft» - feae the int Taosdnj in Pebruary, 1885.
  • Units: cubic cm (cm³) cubic ft (cu ft; ft³) 1 ft³ = 28.32 dm³ cubic decimetre (dm³) cubic yd (cu yd; yd³) 1 yd³ = 0.7646 m³ cubic m (m³) 1728 in³ = 1 ft³
  • Units: square mm (mm²) square ft (sq ft; ft²) 1 ft² = 0.0929 m² square cm (cm²) square yd (sq yd; yd2) 1 yd² = 0.8361 m² square m (m²) acre


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