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What is the meaning of Excess in Hindi?

Meaning of Excess in Hindi is : अतिरिक्त
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Definition of word Excess

  • The state of exceeding what is normal or sufficient: rains that filled the reservoirs to excess. (noun)
  • An amount or quantity beyond what is normal or sufficient; a surplus. (noun)
  • The amount or degree by which one quantity exceeds another: Profit is the excess of sales over costs. (noun)
  • Intemperance; overindulgence: drank to excess. (noun)
  • A behavior or an action that exceeds proper or lawful bounds: tried to avoid engaging in emotional excesses such as hysteria and fits of temper. (noun)
  • Being more than is usual, required, or permitted: skimming off the excess fat. See Synonyms at superfluous. (adjective)
  • To eliminate the job or position of. (verb-transitive)
  • in excess of Greater than; more than: unit sales in excess of 20 million. (idiom)

Examples of word Excess

  • Anything in excess is bad and that means our children should learn there is time for play time (with real toys not some console), video game time, reading time, TV time and general do nothing time.
  • No surprise then that Wal-Mart Realty currently has 145 empty buildings on its hands -- what they call "excess property," totaling a staggering 12.6 million square feet of dead stores.
  • Japan has repeatedly said it would intervene to stop what it termed excess volatility and has said the yen's strength near postwar highs against the dollar wasn't warranted by the fundamentals of the Japanese economy.
  • On page 251 he discusses what happens when a bank tries to circulate more currency than what the country can employ, and how the excess is almost immediately returned.
  • Summers, Larry Summers today said people should stop talking down the economy and end what he called the excess of fear.

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