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What is the meaning of Excess in Hindi?

Meaning of Excess in Hindi is : बहुतायत

Definition of word Excess

Examples of word Excess

  • Excess is to be deplored in all things, even in grafting, and Yi Chin Ho's excess had brought him to most deplorable straits.
  • Just to let you know, myself and Rigsby are on Radio 4 on Saturday morning (10am) on a programme called Excess Baggage.
  • Officials here say they spent $27.5 billion from their so-called Excess Crude Account to weather the global financial crisis and to counteract falling oil prices, and that they can account for "every penny" spent.
  • That meant the total of what are known as Excess Winter Deaths for England and Wales was up
  • ~ The HIIT Revolution for Fat Burning Success -- Effective fat burning is all about EPOC, otherwise known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.


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