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What is the meaning of Europeanize in Hindi?

Meaning of Europeanize in Hindi is : यूरोपीय बनाना

Definition of word Europeanize

  • to make something, or someone, more European (verb)
    कुछ बनाने के लिए, या किसी को, अधिक यूरोपीय

Examples of word Europeanize

  • At the same time, though, the funds will also "Europeanize" the next gas spat, potentially undermining EU-Ukrainian relations.
  • President Obama and Congress are looking to "Europeanize" the United States through a legislative stampede of government control: the nationalizing of our health care system, cap and trade energy taxes, and aggressive unionization.
  • If, however, he wants to "Europeanize" the United States, then the gloves come off.
  • This will hamper employers, discourage and reject legal employees and otherwise "Europeanize"
  • President Obama wants to Europeanize the U.S. All right, he wouldn't put it in those terms, partly because the electorate wouldn't wear it and partly because he sees himself as less Eurocentric than any of his 43 predecessors.
  • The second is the increasing disappointment of independent voters, who are rightly unhappy with higher spending, higher taxes, ObamaCare, a lack of progress on trade, increased restrictions on the energy supply, and the near-commandeering of the auto and banking industries, all of which amount to an effort to Europeanize America, just as European welfare states are facing their own crisis
  • A second political obstacle is the fear that helping Greece will lead to similar demands from Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and even Italy, to Europeanize their national debts.
  • And then to Europeanize the world's greatest healthcare system on top of it!
  • Mitch McConnel warns that passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, permitting workers to form unions through a majority sign-up process rather than an election rigged by employers, would “Europeanize America”