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What is the meaning of Entire in Hindi?

Meaning of Entire in Hindi is : संपूर्ण
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Definition of word Entire

  • Having no part excluded or left out; whole: I read the entire book. See Synonyms at whole. (adjective)
  • With no reservations or limitations; complete: gave us his entire attention. (adjective)
  • All in one piece; intact. (adjective)
  • Of one piece; continuous. (adjective)
  • Not castrated. (adjective)
  • Botany Not having an indented margin: an entire leaf. (adjective)
  • Unmixed or unalloyed; pure or homogenous. (adjective)
  • The whole; the entirety. (noun)
  • An uncastrated horse; a stallion. (noun)

Examples of word Entire

  • The masked Queen pictured in the first issue was Manfred Lee, and by Lee's account, in a 1969 letter to _The Armchair Detective, _ the two shared the workload: "[W] e were its entire staff -- you read me -- _entire; _ we did not even have a secretary.
  • Now when he has won the title entire nation, tennis loves and his family feeling so proud of him.
  • Halsted had operated on enough women and extracted enough tumors to create what he called an entire “cancer storehouse” at Hopkins.
  • There are countless dramas within this leela, which I define as the entire theatre of life and all its forms.
  • I called the entire abortion problem a tragedy at the Princeton conference, and I stand by it.

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