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What is the meaning of Ensure in Hindi?

Meaning of Ensure in Hindi is : सुरक्षित कर देना

Definition of word Ensure

Examples of word Ensure

  • Oh and I drank high protein Ensure in the morning and right before bed to give my body a little more of a boost.
  • The incident involved the uniformed staff throwing yoghurt and juice over each other as well as a build-up drink called Ensure, which is given to malnourished patients.
  • He said she was fed a liquid known as Ensure, which would flood her lung if the tube was in her lung instead of her stomach.
  • What are the: Goals Standards (as defined in the Use of ACD States, Sign-On Agreements, Call Coding, etc) The desired behaviours Set the expectation … it is your job to: Define the expectation in specific and clear terms Ensure understanding Obtain the Agent's commitment to the expectations Clear expectations include:
  • Liquid nutrition supplements such as Ensure and Boost can provide nourishment to people who are too ill or frail to consume adequate calories or who need extra nutrients due to a digestive disorder or a disease such as cancer.


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