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What is the meaning of Elaborate in Hindi?

Meaning of Elaborate in Hindi is : सूक्ष्म

Definition of word Elaborate

Examples of word Elaborate

  • Elaborate and extravagant decoration and intricate details — especially in surface ornamentation — characterize Churrigueresque architecture.
  • Elaborate procedures have been developed to facilitate the rapid exchange of these notices.
  • Elaborate in detail and overwhelming in spirituality, temples have deep historical significance while continuing to play an integral role in the everyday life of Thai people and their Buddhist endeavors.
  • Elaborate architectural pastries and intricate cakes may take center stage on holidays and feast days, but when it comes to everyday dolci—sweets nibbled with an aperitif or an eye-opening espresso—simplicity and seasonality rule.
  • HP: Elaborate a little on how you're encouraging small businesses to hire.


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