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What is the meaning of ECT in Hindi?

Meaning of ECT in Hindi is :

Definition of word ECT

  • electroconvulsive therapy (initialism)
    विद्युत - चिकित्सा

Examples of word ECT

  • Do the Catholics in ECT right now take the same position on justification as Neuhaus and Dulles?
  • Querulous – ECT is a tricky one, I think, as it’s interesting to hear you say (and I know you have professional authority to say it with) that it does help.
  • And then of course there's ECT, which is supposed to be a wonderful modern invention: electricity has been used for years to "heal" people's who are mentally ill, though it is still not understood what the mechanism is that makes it work.
  • As I have been reintroduced into my world by electroconvulsive therapy more commonly known as ECT for those oh-so-fortunately familiar with it and electroshock for those who are notreintroduced to my life at the ripe old age of fifty-two.
  • How common is it, then to use what we're calling ECT?
  • There is no evidence, however, of cerebral anoxia during succinylcholine-modified ECT, which is probably explained by the very small amounts of oxygen used up peripherally by the paralyzed muscles.
  • When there was no improvement after the first week, Dr. Masterson continued to explain, he considered electroconvulsive treatment, or ECT, which is the equivalent of rebooting a computer versus determining the reason for the errors.