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What is the meaning of Dumb in Hindi?

Meaning of Dumb in Hindi is : मौन

Definition of word Dumb

Examples of word Dumb

  • Kevin Dumb talking about economics is a stand-up routine.
  • But I want to add a critique of one more paragraph from the Townhall column I first criticized in "Dumb Stuff":
  • Jeff Daniels, a man 9 years younger than Diane Keaton who includes, among his many claims to fame, a diarrea attack in Dumb and Dumber, stars as her love interest.
  • Since Queen George the Dumb is waging the war on terrists and those damn suicide bombers I propose that a special commendation be given next week end to the most recent patriot that chooses to give his or her life to defend our Country as well as theirs.
  • Dumb is my tongue and scant my speech for thee, viii.


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