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What is the meaning of Drew in Hindi?

Meaning of Drew in Hindi is : खींचा

Definition of word Drew

  • A male given name. (proper noun)

Examples of word Drew

  • GLENN SELIG, DREW PETERSON ` S PUBLICIST: Well, Drew is in jail and now begins a new process.
  • JEREMY THOMAS DREW BARRYMORE (----) Status: Married 10 weeks, divorce filed last weekAnalysis: Never one to postpone until tomorrow a problem that can be suffered today, Drew wed the L.A. barkeep after a five-week courtship and a three-hour engagement.
  • JOEL BRODSKY, DREW PETERSON ` S ATTORNEY: Drew called a few days ago about that.
  • JOEL BRODSKY, ATTORNEY FOR DREW PETERSON: Well, one was a partner of -- police officer partner of Drew ` s, former police officer partner.
  • JOEL BRODSKY, DREW PETERSON ` S ATTORNEY: Well, she ` s talking about something that occurred about eight months before Kathy died, where Drew entered Kathy ` s house in order to retrieve some goods and ...
  • STEVE CARCERANO, FRIEND OF DREW PETERSON: I was actually on my way home that evening from work and entering the subdivision coming down my street, Drew pulled up next to me in the police car, which so happened that we were on the same street and he asked me to go to the house within the next 10 to 15 minutes.
  • KYLE PIRY, DREW PETERSON'S FORMER FIANCEE: I see some of the similarities and stories from Stacy and Kathleen, some of the things that Drew did or has said, similar to things that I had experienced when we were engaged.
  • FOR DREW PETERSON: What really happened was this -- Drew bought Stacy a Glock, a nine-millimeter Glock, as a present.
  • Plus it's Hugh and Drew, being quintessentially Hugh* and Drew**.