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What is the meaning of Drain in Hindi?

Meaning of Drain in Hindi is : सुखाना

Definition of word Drain

  • A conduit allowing liquid to flow out of an otherwise contained volume. (noun)
  • Something consuming resources and providing nothing in return. (noun)
  • An act of urination. (noun)
  • The name of one terminal of a field effect transistor (FET). (noun)
  • To lose liquid. (verb)
  • To cause liquid to flow out of. (verb)
  • To convert a perennially wet place into a dry one. (verb)
  • To deplete of energy or resources. (verb)
  • To fall off the bottom of the playfield. (verb)

Examples of word Drain

  • Brain drain is still claiming Canadian doctors, but not our doctorals.
  • She noted that the more typical "brain drain" is to the US, as Canadian professionals leave for greater income potential.
  • If there is brain drain from a particular country, it can scarcely develop.
  • That a slip-slide into banality leads to forum brain drain is a sort of Catch-22 given.
  • The brain drain is not the consequence of some sort of collective despair.


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