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What is the meaning of Dow in Hindi?

Meaning of Dow in Hindi is : अरब का छोटा जहाज

Definition of word Dow

  • To be worth. (verb)
    लायक हो।

Examples of word Dow

  • Yet the dow is still well above 10,000 up from 6,000 when bush left.
  • This means that with a Neigh­born­ode you can broad­cast a mes­sage to roughly every­one whose apart­ment win­dow is within 300 feet of yours (and has line of sight), and they can broad­cast mes­sages back to you.
  • The man at the wheel lifted a bleary eye and blinked; then, unsteadily touching his forehead, answered: "Fe 'dow'-shtairs, shir."
  • Tao pronounced dow, rhymes with cow is the Way, the laws and principles of the universe.
  • There was an incident involving a dow, which is what these traditional boats that are about 30 feet long in the Persian Gulf that are used to ferry cargo in and around the Persian Gulf.
  • The Obama Administration has helped many Right wing Families with tax cuts for the middle class, reduced home foreclosures, saved many jobs, Put pressure on wallstreet and the banks with REGULATION, Health care for all soon and The dow has recovered.
  • Then, when you're stable, they might send you home with something to help you keep food dow...