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What is the meaning of Dossier in Hindi?

Meaning of Dossier in Hindi is : मिसिल

Definition of word Dossier

  • A collection of papers and/or other sources, containing detailed information about a particular person or subject, together with a synopsis of their content. (noun)

Examples of word Dossier

  • The Indian government has delivered to Islamabad what it calls a dossier of evidence from the Mumbai attacks.
  • He has reams of paper which he calls the dossier of the crime.
  • (Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but his dossier is prison-free.)
  • Note 4: John Holker to D. Trudaine, dated Rouen, 9 January 1762, in dossier concerning Morris and Joppe [Hope] AN F/12/1334A. back
  • Note 20: "Observations sur l'état actuel de la Manufacture des Gobelins," 1776, AN O/1/2048; "Certificat de vertu de la part de Nicolas Charles Homassel," 6 February 1785 in dossier, "Gobelins, misc."


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