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What is the meaning of Doria in Hindi?

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Definition of word Doria

Examples of word Doria

  • Scarcely was the word Doria uttered -- I would sooner have seen my name inscribed in the infernal register than have heard yours thus mentioned -- scarcely was it uttered when Fiesco showed himself to the people.
  • The Doria is a dive that I will likely make at some point in my dive career.
  • If NUMA could raise the Titanic, the Doria should be a cinch.
  • If he has a measure of our sympathy in his feud with the younger Doria, that is only because Gianettino is portrayed as a vulgar brute deserving of nothing but the gallows.
  • The Admiral Barbarossa, eighty-four years of age, used to call Doria, his eternal rival nearly ninety years old, "my brother."
  • Corzine called Doria - a former Assembly speaker, former senator and former longtime Bayonne mayor - "a man of talent and dedication."
  • "Doria," 38 years old, told me during a counseling session in Kando that her husband and children are disgusted by her and run far from her as she smells so terrible.