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What is the meaning of Domicile in Hindi?

Meaning of Domicile in Hindi is : समावास

Definition of word Domicile

Examples of word Domicile

  • The next short is another parody scene from Shakugan no Shana S "Domicile" where they visit Margery Daw's place.
  • Shana S "Domicile" where Wilhelmina and Yuuji stalk Shana-tan, only they are observing Kazumi go off on something that is making insect noises.
  • "Domicile" with Wilhelmina worried about Shana-tan being out.
  • "Domicile" is a key word in the legislation, going a step beyond "place of abode" and becoming an assumption that a person intends to remain in a locality for an unlimited time.
  • "Domicile" traces to Latin "domus," meaning "home," and English speakers have been using it as a word for "home" since at least the 15th century.


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