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What is the meaning of Domain in Hindi?

Meaning of Domain in Hindi is : भूसम्पति

Definition of word Domain

Examples of word Domain

  • The domain of the cookie is current Domain by default.
  • UPDATE [wmsSiteSpec] SET [Domain] = @Domain, [Activated] = @Activated, [Organisation] =
  • The term Domain encompasses the above set of resources with some settings viz. OS, patches, tunables, software - that can be different from another Domain and yet co-exist in the same Physical system.
  • That NetApp, which has developed its own de-duplication technology, wants Data Domain is a good indicator of just how far ahead of the game Data Domain is.
  • Like The Grave Tattoo, A Darker Domain is one of the author's "mainstream" books, in other words there are no gory details, unlike some of her other output.

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