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What is the meaning of Domain in Hindi?

Meaning of Domain in Hindi is : डोमेन
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Definition of word Domain

  • A territory over which rule or control is exercised. (noun)
  • A sphere of activity, concern, or function; a field: the domain of history. See Synonyms at field. (noun)
  • Physics Any of numerous contiguous regions in a ferromagnetic material in which the direction of spontaneous magnetization is uniform and different from that in neighboring regions. (noun)
  • Law The land of one with paramount title and absolute ownership. (noun)
  • Law Public domain. (noun)
  • Mathematics The set of all possible values of an independent variable of a function. (noun)
  • Mathematics An open connected set that contains at least one point. (noun)
  • Biology Any of three primary divisions of living systems, consisting of the eukaryotes, bacteria, and archaea, that rank above a kingdom in taxonomic systems that are based on similarities of DNA sequences. (noun)
  • Computer Science A group of networked computers that share a common communications address. (noun)

Examples of word Domain

  • Below is list of current portfolio, taking bids via PM if anyone is interested in making an offer for any of the domain or domain+ website.
  • BUT, then I logged in just as domain user (without the @domain. local) -- and much to my surprise, IT WORKED.
  • •domain.com is a placeholder for the name of the domain that the server joins.
  • Why can’t they let us download this and use it on our own domain, you can lock the files so that you can put your own ads in it … i don’t care but it has to work on my server with with my @domain.com reply mike jones
  • Our cat knows who the queen of the domain is and is quite sure that anti-puppyism is the one true faith.

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