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What is the meaning of Doll in Hindi?

Meaning of Doll in Hindi is : सुन्दरी

Definition of word Doll

  • A toy in the form of a human. (noun)
    मनुष्य के रूप में एक खिलौना।
  • To cause to be more beautiful of attractive. See also doll up. (verb)
    आकर्षक से अधिक सुंदर होने का कारण। गुड़िया भी देखें।

Examples of word Doll

    • I adore the paper doll one... *wonders if Little Owl would allow me to draw him as a paper owl doll*
    • Attention is called to the difficulty of drawing the line between a doll and an idol among primitive peoples, the connection of dolls with religion, psychological evidence of which lingers with us to-day in the persistent folk-etymology which connects _doll_ with _idol_.
    • Several boys began to sing along in a mocking tone, dragging out the word doll until it became two syllables: “William wants a do-oll, William wants a do-oll.”
    • Not attractive, neither he nor the doll is attractive
    • The name kouklitas comes from the Greek word for doll, koukla —which can also be used in the sense of "pretty girl" or "girlfriend," much like the English word "doll."
    • The Bella doll is the only doll I have ever seen that is prettier than the actual person.
    • Your doll is amazing with all the beads you've used.
    • She undressed the not-so-jolly green giant only to discover that the doll is anatomically correct.