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What is the meaning of Dive in Hindi?

Meaning of Dive in Hindi is : डुबकी लगाना

Definition of word Dive

Examples of word Dive

  • Ol’ Swan Dive is hardly the champion of minimum wage.
  • One involves a system called the Dive System in which Croix must delve into the subconscious mind of the girl of his choice and help her unleash her true self.
  • The thunderous sound system at Patty Boom Boom will get quite a workout Sunday, when dubstep DJs substitute gut-punch low-end bass lines for the usual reggae beats during a party called Dive and Lie Wrecked.
  • The spectacle is due to conclude on a primetime television special, called Dive of Death, which will air on ABC this Wednesday.
  • They had come to Duke's Pratt School of Engineering on a recent morning to experience a cube-shaped virtual reality theater called the Dive, or Duke immersive virtual environment.


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