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What is the meaning of Discuss in Hindi?

Meaning of Discuss in Hindi is : विवेचन

Definition of word Discuss

Examples of word Discuss

  • (Discuss is a quite proper word because his talks are so personal that they frequently trigger a byplay in which the child may respond vocally to a question and Rogers, anticipating the reply, may follow through to his next point.)
  • Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag Discuss the New World Order and How
  • You can leave your input on the conference wiki (click the link to "Discuss" on the right sidebar).
  • Join the conversation by clicking the "Discuss" link below or contribute your own post [4].
  • And if you want some especially gruesome reading click "Discuss" at the bottom of said article, the scum of the nation are, as usual, in full cry.

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