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What is the meaning of Discuss in Hindi?

Meaning of Discuss in Hindi is : विवेचन

Definition of word Discuss

  • To drive away, disperse, shake off. (verb)
  • To converse or debate concerning a particular topic. (verb)
  • To communicate, tell, or disclose (information, a message, etc.). (verb)

Examples of word Discuss

  • And I am quite sure also that Professor Doit would write to his class: 'Whatever topic you discuss, _discuss it originally_.
  • But the only upgrade Apple will discuss is the AirPlay feature of the next version of the iOS software in Apple's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which will let you watch video from many apps on your HDTV.
  • I thought he said the time to discuss is over and it is now time for action?
  • The real issue here, the one that nobody wants to discuss, is not “well-off” people.
  • What I think the article meant to discuss is the number of married people.


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