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What is the meaning of Diem in Hindi?

Meaning of Diem in Hindi is :

Definition of word Diem

Examples of word Diem

  • Fast forward four years, and Diem is now making this resource possible for anyone in the hospital.
  • Corruption was rife within Diem's family, involved as it was in drug dealings, rice contracts with the U.S. government, and coerced contributions to the Catholic Church -- headed in South Vietnam by Ngo Dình Thuc, archbishop of Hue, who happened to be Diem's older brother.
  • Tadeusz Diem is now coming to the end of his term as Ambassador for the Republic of Poland to Canada.
  • His Excellency Tadeusz Diem is a special guest today, not because he is coming to the end of his term as the first Ambassador from Poland since its rebirth as a free and independent state in 1992, but because he has been a part of the transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a witness to it.
  • I've always lived by the phrase "Carpe Diem" but sometimes I don't really do it.


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