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What is the meaning of Dick in Hindi?

Meaning of Dick in Hindi is : शिश्न

Definition of word Dick

  • A male person. (noun)
  • The penis. (noun)
  • A highly contemptible person. (noun)
  • absolutely nothing. (noun)
  • To waste time, to goof off. (verb)
  • To have sexual intercourse with. (verb)
  • A detective. (noun)
  • A declaration. (noun)
  • (dialect) ten in Cumbrian sheep counting (noun)

Examples of word Dick

  • Kinda like ruffies are the sower of my sex life, while my dick is the reaper of the benefits.
  • If not, I hope his dick is at least big enough to punch.
  • Kurtz set up her opening by saying that Gawker can get away with using salty language on their site and she responded by saying the word "dick" on TV and although it made it on the telecast, it
  • Not everyone knows that 'dick' is slang for a cop or a private eye or whatever.
  • December 30th, 2009 5: 35 pm ET dick is the reason the terrorists hate america if we give dick to the terrorists, would they go away happy? its worth a try!!!! think4urself


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