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What is the meaning of Dam in Hindi?

Meaning of Dam in Hindi is : हानि पहुंचाना

Definition of word Dam

Examples of word Dam

  • Within the park is the ruins of an old, old hydroelectric dam called Bloede's Dam, after the guy that invented it.
  • "I know that the Hoover Dam is one of the wonders of the world," U.S.
  • Hoover Dam is an American landmark, the quintessential public works project built during the Great Depression to provide power and irrigation to the West.
  • Poker has never been more fashionable than now, and the climactic scene, with its giant villain towering over Hoover Dam, is tailor-made for a Hollywood CGI extravaganza.
  • Maybe the day after that, all network traffic not routed through Green Dam is killed at the router.
  • The John Compton Dam is not functioning due to a landslide, and as this is the main source of water for the people of St. Lucia there is strict water rationing in effect.
  • Once Green Dam is installed, any web site the user visits can exploit these problems to take control of the computer.