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What is the meaning of Dai in Hindi?

Meaning of Dai in Hindi is :

Definition of word Dai

Examples of word Dai

  • So this time out, how do I feel about Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia, which my wife tells me literally translates something like "All the gold armor on the floor?"
  • Anyway, I found this site of ao dai, which is the traditional costume of Vietnamese women.
  • Jes wantid to say “ohai” to eberybuddy becuz I iz havin a happytayle dans kind of dai Hope ew all iz havin a happytayle dans kind of dai tooooo!
  • Sake generally has an alcohol content of 15 percent, but sakes fortified with additional alcohol can be as potent as 20 percent and are distinguished by the prefix "dai" (for example, dai-ginjyo, where ginjyo means "superior" grade).
  • Italiano · Grecia: i violenti incendi dei giorni scorsi visti dai citizen media


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