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What is the meaning of Dai in Hindi?

Meaning of Dai in Hindi is :

Definition of word Dai

  • A male given name, a Welsh diminutive of David. (proper noun)
    एक पुरुष दिया गया नाम, डेविड का एक छोटा वेल्श।

Examples of word Dai

  • DAI NGHIA VILLAGE, Vietnam-A house sits vacant off a dirt path in Dai An hamlet.
  • Discuss the significance of cultural heritage and identity in Dai Wei and A-Mei’s courtship.
  • James Dai is a Chinese Canadian who emigrated to Toronto, Canada, five years ago.
  • (C) A 16 June report stated that two Americans wearing, black clothing similar to that worn by the VC were paraded through several villages in Dai
  • Chinese term Dai Mi [= o] Jin, this or that image represented a divine ancestor whose name had in it many Japanese syllables, with no defiling
  • Mahastana-prapta, or in Japanese Dai-séi-shi, whose idol is honored at
  • On November 12, 1942 the American POWs were loaded on trains and sent back to Takao where they boarded a ship called the Dai Nichi
  • A lot of men were called Dai, pronounced "die," short for David, or Dafydd in Welsh.
  • MacArthur never -- MacArthur spent his entire time in Japan moving between his house in the American Embassy and his office in a requisition building in downtown Tokyo called the Dai Ichi Building.