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What is the meaning of Cyclone in Hindi?

Meaning of Cyclone in Hindi is : बवण्डर

Definition of word Cyclone

  • A system of winds rotating around a center of low atmospheric pressure. (noun)
  • A low pressure system. (noun)
  • The more or less violent, small-scale circulations such as tornadoes, waterspouts, and dust devils. (noun)
  • A strong wind. (noun)
  • A Southeastern and Indian Ocean weather phenomenon that results in wind speeds of around 150 to 200 km/h. (noun)

Examples of word Cyclone

  • Another major tropical cyclone, the 1970 Bangladesh cyclone¢’‚¬?
  • Perhaps it may not be a matter of knowledge to all readers that for these hurricanes, as for many other heavy gales, the term cyclone is exact; that the wind does actually blow round a circle, but one of so great circumference that at each several point it seems to follow a straight line.
  • "The response to the cyclone is just the most recent example of the junta's failure to meet its people's basic needs," Mrs. Bush said.
  • Doppler radars will help in getting clear information three to four days ahead of the Cyclone if the cyclone is in the radius of 400 km of the doppler radar. posted by 24/7 News Network @ 9: 51 AM
  • The word cyclone is associated in popular phraseology with a terrific storm, but it has no such restriction in technical usage.


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