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What is the meaning of Curry in Hindi?

Meaning of Curry in Hindi is : करी
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Definition of word Curry

  • To groom (a horse) with a currycomb. (verb-transitive)
  • To prepare (tanned hides) for use, as by soaking or coloring. (verb-transitive)
  • curry favor To seek or gain favor by fawning or flattery. (idiom)
  • Curry powder. (noun)
  • A heavily spiced sauce or relish made with curry powder and eaten with rice, meat, fish, or other food. (noun)
  • A dish seasoned with curry powder. (noun)
  • To season (food) with curry. (verb-transitive)

Examples of word Curry

  • This kofta curry is an original from my kitchen lab.
  • The recipe for the curry is again adapted from The Indian Restaurant Cookbook – it had no proper palak paneer recipe but I adapted its spinach curry for it.
  • This turned out to be a fabulous Sunday lunch for us, the curry is aromatic and subtle, very flavorful indeed.
  • India where curry is a staple has a very low rate of Alzheimer's.
  • They also help when the curry is too spicy but then if you eat somethng too spicy, eating carbs is not a bad remedy.

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