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What is the meaning of Culture in Hindi?

Meaning of Culture in Hindi is : सुधारना

Definition of word Culture

Examples of word Culture

  • 'Culture of Dishonesty' At Department of Veterans Affairs yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = '\'Culture of Dishonesty\' At Department of Veterans Affairs '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: The economic meltdown that has dominated media coverage over the past several months has overshadowed a crisis at the Department of Veterans Affairs, an agency in dire need of new leadership, veterans groups and Democratic lawmakers say. '
  • A successful completion of a project on "a celebration of arts, culture and disability" by the Department of Arts, Science, Culture, and Technology.
  • RDP funds would be used to build and improve arts and culture centres in marginalised communities, Arts, Culture, Science and
  • It can be found in the cracks of culture, where real innovation still thrives. pennymathisxky Museum of Primitive Art and Culture - South Kingstown, Rhode Island derekmarkham Guernica/Caribou People plr Philippe Connecting Cloth, Culture and Art remporte le prix best in Canadian Culture, Interactive #cnma.
  • The bar code forces the word "Culture" woven in a beautiful multicolored fabric off the screen.


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