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What is the meaning of Cucumber in Hindi?

Meaning of Cucumber in Hindi is : खीरा

Definition of word Cucumber

Examples of word Cucumber

  • During the flight itself the most capable micro'technicians of the galaxy had started to work-the Swoon who were otherwise known as the Cucumber People.
  • The Cucumber is a tender, annual plant; and is a native of the East
  • The Cucumber is a warm-season fruit (although typically considered a vegetable) that produces well when given proper care and protection.
  • Vegetables such as Cucumber, Broccoli and Kale were code-names for Dutch agents, who had been very much on my mind that day.
  • Wherefore poor Laroche began to seek the sympathetic stillness of the "Cucumber"; and Ivan, after two days in a temporary closet of six feet by eight, set out in search of an abode to fit his income.


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