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What is the meaning of Cristal in Hindi?

Meaning of Cristal in Hindi is : क्रिस्टल

Definition of word Cristal

Examples of word Cristal

  • How could I possibly know that right at that very instant, he was stepping into the Upper East Side apartment of a call girl who had decided a month earlier that the name Cristal Rousseau wasn’t projecting the class-up-the-ass image she had been aiming for.
  • In case you were wondering why it costs $185, the burger is contains wagyu beef, white truffles, a saffron sprinkled bun and tempura onions prepared in Cristal champagne.
  • The Hotel Playa Cristal is on the town side of the Malecon, on the west side of town.
  • For more information, call Cristal at 650-780-5967 or e-mail
  • Cool, Dreamy Oceanfront "Cristal" - Famously Beautiful Villa - Isla Mujeres
  • MM: In 2006 we toured with Cristal, which is (Labradford/Aix Em Klemm/Breadwinner member) Bobby Donne's project.
  • I have been around the restaurant business enough to have witnessed 1st Growth Bordeaux mixed with soda, ice cubes with Puligny Montrachet, and orange juice with Louis Roederer "Cristal" Champagne.
  • I've found a product called "Cristal", in tall, plastic jars with a red lid to be decent for baking.