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What is the meaning of Crick in Hindi?

Meaning of Crick in Hindi is : मोच

Definition of word Crick

  • A village in Northamptonshire, England (proper-noun)
  • A habitational surname derived from the placename (proper-noun)
  • Francis Crick co-discoverer of the structure of DNA (proper-noun)

Examples of word Crick

  • Michael Crick is nowattacking David Cameron via Caroline Spelman, this time in his BBC blog.
  • If ID wants to suggest that extra-terrestrial life as SETI hypothesizes it is the cause of life on Earth, then they can join Crick and the others who have toyed with this idea.
  • Odile drew the double-helix structure of DNA in Crick and Watson's famous 1953 paper.
  • Crick is also a fervent atheistic materialist, who propounds the particle story.
  • MikeGene: But I dare say that Crick is thinking in one dimension here.


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