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What is the meaning of Crick in Hindi?

Meaning of Crick in Hindi is : मोच

Definition of word Crick

  • A painful muscular cramp or spasm of some part of the body, as of the neck or back, making it difficult to move the part affected. (Compare catch.) (noun)
  • A small jackscrew. (noun)
  • to violently spasm. (verb)
  • Alternative form of creek. (noun)

Examples of word Crick

  • Every day on the crick is a new story and my book was getting way too thick!
  • Where I came from the difference between a creek and a crick was a cow.
  • You are surely a redneck if you say "crick" instead of "creek".
  • The tension comes when you are riding on a smooth road, you hit a pebble and hear a "crick", which is the sound of $6000 being flushed.
  • Drop dead gorgeous pictures, a text that's zippy and slick, fun voices, and lots of words like "crick", "crack", and "creak".


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