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What is the meaning of Communist in Hindi?

Meaning of Communist in Hindi is : साम्यवादी

Definition of word Communist

  • Of, relating to, supporting, or advocating communism. (adjective)
  • An advocate of a society based on the common ownership of property; a proponent of communism. (noun)

Examples of word Communist

    • (note the red communist star on his shirt -- O'Reilly points it out too, but doesn't tell his large audience that it's a * communist* red star, and only a very small percentage of the viewers would probably know)
    • Some of my pinheaded, dolt critics say the term communist is inaccurate and unfair.
    • And, more importantly, we want to know what you think about the term communist China.
    • They have no right to accuse the revolution of being communist, first because the term communist revolution is not applicable to it scientifically or theoretically.
    • States you have many people with leftist ideas active in the democratic parties, and probably you heard the term communist from them because there was an article in favor of the Cuban revolution, and they want a US senate investigation there.
    • He maintains a broad definition of the term "communist" as "anyone who is able to work, doesn't want to work and wants everything for free," he said.
    • Also, losing the word communist from your resume`wou
    • With what I call a communist, there is no room whatsoever - he is the enemy.
    • Obviously, a tape in which bin Calls on Muslims in general, and Iraqi Muslims specifically to fight Americans, and says that it's OK to make common cause with what he calls a communist, like Saddam Hussein.
    • Earp in a statement said he accepted full accountability for all actions under his command during such operations against what he described as the communist-backed African National Congress.