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What is the meaning of Color in Hindi?

Meaning of Color in Hindi is : वर्ण

Definition of word Color

  • The spectral composition of visible light (noun)
  • A particular set of visible spectral compositions, perceived or named as a class; blee. (noun)
  • Hue as opposed to achromatic colors (black, white and grays). (noun)
  • Human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity. (noun)
  • Interest, especially in a selective area. (noun)
  • Any of the standard dark tinctures used in a coat of arms, including azure, gules, sable, and vert. Contrast with metal. (noun)
  • A standard or banner. (noun)
  • The system of color television. (noun)
  • An award for sporting achievement, particularly within a school or university. (noun)
  • In corporate finance, details on sales, profit margins, or other financial figures, especially while reviewing quarterly results when an officer of a company is speaking to investment analysts. (noun)
  • A property of quarks, with three values called red, green, and blue, which they can exchange by passing gluons. (noun)
  • The relative lightness or darkness of a mass of written or printed text on a page. (noun)
  • Any of the colored balls excluding the reds. (noun)
  • A front or facade: an ostensible truth actually false. (noun)
  • An appearance of right or authority. (noun)
  • Skin color noted as: normal, jaundice, cyanotic, flush, mottled, pale, or ashen as part of the skin signs assessment. (noun)
  • Conveying color, as opposed to shades of gray. (adjective)
  • To give something color. (verb)
  • To apply colors to the areas within the boundaries of a line drawing using colored markers or crayons. (verb)
  • To become red through increased blood flow. (verb)
  • To affect without completely changing. (verb)
  • To attribute a quality to. (verb)
  • To assign colors to the vertices of (a graph) or the regions of (a map) so that no two adjacent ones have the same color. (verb)

Examples of word Color

  • If the required color extends uniformly over the entire loaf, the bottom and the sides, as well as the top, 2 more is added to the score of the crust for _uniformity of color_.
  • Depends on _form_, with More appropriate to objects color as a secondary adjunct. which depend on _color_ for their principal charm.
  • This naturally suggests, not only a record of each separate color sensation, but also a union of these records in series and groups to form a _color score_, similar to the musical score by which the measured relations of sound are recorded.
  • No slight difference this, when we reflect on the contrarieties of practice ultimately connected with the opposing principles; above all on the eminent one that, as all Van Eyck's color, except the high lights, must have been equivalent to a glaze, while the great body of _color_ in
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