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What is the meaning of Coll in Hindi?

Meaning of Coll in Hindi is :

Definition of word Coll

  • A medieval English short form of the male given name Nicholas; very rare today. (proper noun)
    नर का एक मध्ययुगीन अंग्रेजी संक्षिप्त रूप जिसे निकोलस नाम दिया गया है; आज बहुत दुर्लभ।

Examples of word Coll

  • The other film, Sévigné by Marta Balletbò-Coll, is about a famous theater director who falls in a love with a playwright.
  • Going to the Coll was the most exciting thing that had yet happened in my outer life.
  • Fagging with us was as impersonal as the labourmarket in Victorian England; in that way, too, the Coll was a preparation for public life.
  • When the order of the Jesuits was suppressed by the pope in 1773, she founded fifteen new lay colleges, known as Collèges Thérésiens, and took a personal interest in the framing of the programme of studies and in the least detail of organization.
  • In 1792 the two Irish colleges in Paris, namely the Collège des
  • The Jesuits opened at Dole, in the sixteenth century, a celebrated establishment known as the Collège de l'Arc, the most important in France after the Collège de la Flèche.
  • If the wines have been scaled back for affordability, there seem to be no quality compromises coming from Coll, which is impressive at these prices.
  • Keppoch, familiarly known as Coll of the Cows, for his skill in tracking his neighbour's cattle over the wildest mountains to the most secret coverts. [
  • XXXIII, c. xxvii; cf. also Cassian, "Coll,", IX, XV) there may be observed traces of the threefold degree which was afterwards systematically developed by Dionysius the Areopagite.
  • In their bios, he's known as "Billy O" and Shipman's nickname is "Coll."