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What is the meaning of Cloe in Hindi?

Meaning of Cloe in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cloe

  • A female given name, an alternative spelling of Chloe. (proper noun)
    एक महिला को दिया गया नाम, क्लो की वैकल्पिक वर्तनी।

Examples of word Cloe

  • When he calls Cloe she tells him that Cane has filed a suit for full custody of the baby that he dumped off with his mother so he better get over there right now.
  • Corrie calls Cloe her “fuzzy angel,” and it seems an apt description.
  • She packed it in an empty makeup-counter jar and put on a homemade label: "Cloe Cosmetics gel eyeliner in Midnight."
  • "I have braces so I don't have many subscribers, but it's happening," Cloe says.
  • "Goats love it and people driving by can't believe it," says David Johnson of Findlay, Ill., about his 31-ft. tall, 7-ft.dia. "goat tower" built with the help of the late Jack Cloe, Herrick, Ill. The tower was constructed with 5,000 hand-made bricks, each one a different size and shape.
  • To those bashing me for my earlier comments (Failure as A Republican, Cloe and Stubanas).
  • Cloe Feldman , a 14-year-old in Florida, combined a dark, $1 eye shadow with Vaseline to create gel eyeliner.
  • The best so far was the bomb that hit CTU, but for Cloe to go gangsta now that was too much.
  • Cloe says she plans to build her subscriber base by making more do-it-yourself videos aimed at viewers who often can't afford to buy make-up.