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What is the meaning of Clio in Hindi?

Meaning of Clio in Hindi is : क्लीयो (प्राचीन यूनान में इतिहास की देवी

Definition of word Clio

  • The Muse of history and heroic poetry. (proper noun)

Examples of word Clio

  • (Clio is the muse of history, and her measurements, I’m led to believe, are va-va-voom stuff when she lets down her hair and takes off those glasses.)
  • Mr. Clio is taking out a loan because "Our compromised healthcare system is proving incapable of meeting the healthcare needs of one of my kids".
  • Everything that Tara despised about her home was glowing and warm - looking like an advertisement for low mortgage rates or pest control, and such a depressing show she had to call Clio and tell her about it.
  • Not many average people know there are Academy Awards for advertisers - they are known as the Clio Awards.
  • [7] In 1754 he bought a "fellow" for £40.5, another named Jack for £52.5 and a woman called Clio for £50.
  • The young lady called Clio remarked in a quiet undertone: "Five people and two dogs to fetch down one old woman with a pipe."
  • [7] In 1754 he bought a “fellow” for L40.5, another named Jack for L52.5 and a woman called Clio for L50.
  • In the college there was a literary club, consisting of the graduates and professors, and still known as The Clio-Sophic Society.