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What is the meaning of Clem in Hindi?

Meaning of Clem in Hindi is :

Definition of word Clem

  • A diminutive of the male given name Clement. (proper noun)
    पुरुष का एक छोटा नाम क्लेमेंट दिया गया।

Examples of word Clem

  • I enjoyed some of the almost silly humor in this issue; I think the comic needs to decide if Little Saint, or any other “companion” to Clem is the audience surrogate or the comic relief.
  • Also, Clem is easily influenced, from finding out that the “Wounded Man” told Hofi that a kiss could return his memories, he was for like five seconds hesitant, but as soon as she was all “But I wanna” he was all over that, with not so awesome results.
  • I think Clem is talking to his own hitchiker ... one that told him to run all those years ago.
  • Driven to defeat the monster attacking the city, Clem is victorious, and takes a bite of the heart of the creature in victory.
  • Did you get the impression Clem is attached to the 456?
  • My Springer Clem is a clone of Hunter (from the photo posted) so I would challenge the breeding of Hunter.
  • Clem is our 3rd springer (he will be nine in December) since we have been married (my wife kathy picks the puppies from the litter) and is the best one to date.
  • Coming up with ANOTHER stupid link (like the sound that killed Clem is "different") is ... well ... stupid.