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What is the meaning of Clear in Hindi?

Meaning of Clear in Hindi is : हटना

Definition of word Clear

  • Completely transparent in colour (adjective)
    रंग में पूरी तरह से पारदर्शी
  • All the way; entirely. (adverb)
    सब तरह से; पूरी तरह से।

Examples of word Clear

    • It is connected with the former of them by the recurrence of the same word, which in the first petition was rendered 'cleanse' -- or, more accurately, 'clear' -- and in this final clause is to be rendered accurately, 'I shall be _clear_ from the great transgression.'
    • _clear_, or as clear a one as will pass muster with the government and with the preconceptions of the people themselves.
    • "I wish to explain -- to make clear to you -- _clear_.
    • III. iii.28 (326,9) The devil knew not what he did, when he made men politick; he cross'd himself by't: and I cannot think, but in the end the villainies of man will set him clear] [_Set him clear_ does not mean acquit him before heaven; for then _the devil_ must be supposed _to know what_ he did: but it signifies puzzle him, outdo him at his own weapons.
    • Let us keep to the classification scheme of general anuttarayoga and use merely the term clear-light mind for the subtlest level of mental activity.
    • However "boring" my introduction may have appeared to Dr. Tarassuk, it was necessary precisely for the purpose of making the term clear to foreign readers, so that they would not mix up kliukva with the non-ironic terms "blunder" or "boner."
    • First of all, to make his title clear, Frank had been desired to visit the hospitable house of old Justice Inglewood, with whom Sir Hildebrand had deposited his will.
    • Any additions needed to make the title clear are to be supplied, and inclosed by brackets.
    • But the land was cheap, the title clear, the soil good, and all were on the same footing, willing to help each other.