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What is the meaning of Clark in Hindi?

Meaning of Clark in Hindi is : क्लार्क

Definition of word Clark

  • An English occupational surname, variant of Clarke, for someone who was either a scribe or priest / cleric (proper noun)

Examples of word Clark

  • Show the difference between the Farm boy clark who has now become Superman and the pretend Clark who spends his time at the Daily Planet.
  • MATT BENNETT, CLARK SPOKESMAN: General Clark has decided to leave the race.
  • MATT BENNETT, COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, CLARK CAMPAIGN: General Clark has decided to leave the race.
  • AMANDA BOWERS, CLARK BOWERS 'WIFE: Clark called me via satellite phone on Wednesday after taking a chartered plane from Istanbul to Kabul.
  • Then Tess tells clark that she can't find the parachutes she just found and while Clark has her breath into the mask while he secretly cuts off her oxygen so that she passes out.
  • CLARK FREEPORT -- Various groups have signified support to the development plan for the Clark sub-zone dubbed as "The Next Frontier."
  • •Clark selected: Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark has been selected as one of 13 semifinalists for the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award.
  • DAN LOTHIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT, WITH THE CLARK CAMPAIGN: I'm Dan Lothian with the Clark campaign.
  • CLARK: That's "Supreme Allied Commander Clark, Mr. President."