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What is the meaning of Clair in Hindi?

Meaning of Clair in Hindi is :

Definition of word Clair

Examples of word Clair

  • What people call clair'voyance is in reality nothing more than acute intu-itive insight.
  • At other times, or sometimes even at the same time, the film tends towards the kind of clair ligne style that comics fans always namecheck when something looks a bit like Tintin art.
  • Éclair which is already out and used by other Android smartphones, like the upcoming Motorola Milestone.
  • I'm working on my essay for a book on women in Doctor Who fandom, which necessitates discussing the difference between noir and clair sensibilities in fiction, and I just had a cross-fandom realization.
  • And now I'm thinking about Doctor Who (clair) and Sapphire & Steel (noir), and why (a) remains so insanely much more popular than (b).
  • Nous l'espérons plus clair, plus beau, mieux organisé.
  • Je ne suis pas devenu "Monsieur Écolo" c'est clair.