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What is the meaning of Chow in Hindi?

Meaning of Chow in Hindi is : चीनी नस्ल का कुत्ता

Definition of word Chow

  • To (use a tile or tiles to) piece together a winning combination of tiles. (verb)
    (एक टाइल या टाइल का उपयोग करने के लिए) टाइलों के एक विजेता संयोजन को एक साथ जोड़ना।
  • Food, especially snacks. (noun)
    भोजन, विशेष रूप से नाश्ता।

Examples of word Chow

    • Justin chow … btw I watched “Forks” u guys looked great!
    • The anxiety of constantly toadying to their social superiors seems to curb their appetite, researchers suspect, at least when their regular high-fiber, low-fat chow is on the menu.
    • Someone Being Me -- Puppy chow is good stuff, too!
    • Well chow chow is used like an adjective to denote a combination of opposites.
    • I hate the idea of disappointing 800,000 comrades in chow!
    • Christine -- Green chow chow is a spicy relish made with green tomatoes and peppers.
    • No way Jose! the closest to undercover i've come is stalking prostitutes in chow kit in the dead of night and taking notes while my photographer tried his best to take tabloid-like shots without a flash.
    • I concur, except the "sho" should be pronounced ch as in "chow".