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  • Collin Chou's character was a tiny tiny tiny role, and I'm pretty sure Jet Li made Hero instead.
  • But now that I've type that I remember it's Daniel Craig and a stunt man having a scrap, not Donnie Yen and Collin Chou going at it so fair play.
  • Not to mention Chou is the only podcaster at the PI and the PI's On Food the only newspaper Podcast in Seattle.
  • (the only other title the Chou monarchs took) in their own dominions.
  • Though she earns a paycheck as a writer, Yvonne’s real job is to keep watch over her crazy family, which includes her “twixster” hip-hopped son (co-writer Randall Park), a hot-headed brother (Collin Chou, THE MATRIX trilogy) who can’t get his wife pregnant, and a feisty, disapproving mother (scene-stealing Lang Yun) who’s about to undergo back surgery.
  • But for the record, it's "Chau" not "Chou" - a small typo on the New York Times part.
  • The magistrate is called a Chou-kwan and is responsible directly to a Tao-tai who is an official between the prefectural magistrate or Chih-fu and the Governor.