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What is the meaning of Chin in Hindi?

Meaning of Chin in Hindi is : हनु

Definition of word Chin

  • The bottom of a face, especially, the lower jaw or the region below the mouth. (noun)
    चेहरे के नीचे, विशेष रूप से निचले जबड़े या मुंह के नीचे का क्षेत्र।
  • To talk. (verb)
    बात करने के लिए।

Examples of word Chin

    • *grabs shamwow an wipes chinny chin chin* O yesh, wii wuddnt want soggy peetsa!
    • "My chin is numb right now," said Favre, who said he needed eight stitches to close the wound.
    • If the usual way a girl gets a man's beard "on" her chin is to be kissed by the mouth the beard surrounds and Viola wants that beard but wants it to go elsewhere on her person ...
    • I also sometimes had trouble believing in Naoki as so handsome, since his face can change between panels and his chin is incredibly sharp.
    • His chin is almost recessing into his jaw and he has the trademark republican pig snout.
    • The beard on his double chin is as white as snow, and when he laughs, his little round belly shakes like a bowlful of jelly - and that, as Ernest Berger sees it, is the problem.
    • Mbvoumin, 42, has a sharp chin, is clean-shaven and keeps his hair cropped close to his head.